Crosstabs, survey analyses, call them what you will, are available in a vast number of software products. If you are looking for a top of the range crosstab software package, there are few choices. Here’s a comparison.

When you get a series of support requests where the recipients of the support reply something like “thanks, but that’s quite tedious to script”, you realise you need to show someone a better way.

One of the topics where we receive most support requests for MRDCL is in the handling of numeric fields or the usage of arithmetic. In this article, I will try to cover most of the issues raised and explain how and why MRDCL works the way it does.

Our webinar, The MRDC Reporting Toolkit (running time: 56 minutes), discussed the difficulty of getting figures from tables into reports as well as unveiling the first release of the new toolkit which is free to all our customers.

For too long, research agencies have produced tables, counts and percentages from their survey data and then used different methods to put those figures into reports in the forms of tables, charts and other infographics.

There are many market research tabulation or crosstab software packages available, but few handle tables from tracking studies as well as MRDCL. Tracking studies ..usually become easier to manage… however, the data processing, tabulations and reporting often present problems.

My previous two articles on rim weighting, target weighting and effective sample sizes have led to several people communicating with me. Our free rim weighting calculator has now been sent to over 200 individuals or companies. Now, we dig deeper.

Market research has adopted technology at varying speeds in its history, often at a different rate to other industries. Why is this? Is it important? CAPI, CAWI, CATI, tabulations, reporting and dashboarding all pose different wants and needs.

Our webinar, 4 MRDCL Productivity Secrets, drew a record audience. The purpose of the webinar was to give both new and experienced users some ideas about how MRDCL used more productively…

Evaluating any market research software package whether it is for CAPI, CATI, CAWI, crosstabs, reporting or any other task is not easy. Deciding what is best for your business will need to take into consideration functionality and, of course, pricing…